Hey there, 


I'm Jessica, the face behind Her Kinkz : a lifestyle brand that celebrates brown girls. I am currently a Texas based 32 yr old who recently relocated from my hometown of Detroit due to guidance from the Holy Spirit.


Growing up, I battled with self esteem issues: hating my hair, relaxing it every 2 weeks (yea... it was that bad), & feeling the need to always try to prove I was worthy because I was made to believe that having dark skin made me less valuable. The lack of self love was REAL, I grew tired of putting on a happy face in public & crying my heart out in private. Not only that, it was causing conflict in so many of my relationships. Something needed to change!


My spiritual journey began when I was 20 years old, well, I thought I was spiritual all along, growing up Christian I at least prayed daily. Thats what it's all about right? WRONG! Chile you gotta be careful with those spirits, all of them ain’t good! I found myself getting caught up in “New Age Spirituality” & babyyyyy did that put me on one heck of a roller coaster for the next 8 years.


Not only did I get completely off course spiritually, but there I was still praying to JESUS, asking GOD to make me whole, yet the things I said & did daily contributed to my brokenness. There is so much power in KNOWING WHO YOU ARE & getting that understanding from THE RIGHT SOURCE.


Back to the hair! Now I’m on this journey of finding myself & wanting/needing healthier hair. I didn't have the knowledge or stylist to be of assistance without breaking the bank, & one day out of frustration, I grabbed the clippers, cut it all off, & began self educating!


The desire to change my look often was still there, however I wanted to wear styles that mimicked that of my own Kinky Texture. My family & friends will agree when I say I can't keep a hairstyle longer than 2 weeks: it is a must that I have versatility in my looks. The search began for kinky textured protective styling & that turned into a brand June of 2016.


Curly textured hair is celebrated worldwide! We see it on tv, we hear about it in our music, & it's showcased in our magazines. It's very rare to hear/see kinky hair praised & I want to contribute to changing that. 


"Just Regular Ol' Kinkz In A World Full of Curls ™ " 


Her Kinkz is my journey & I want to take other brown girls along with me: celebrating one another, embracing everything about ourselves, making mistakes, laughing/crying about them, & living our absolute best life holistically.


The journey never stops.

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